Theodora in Scotland

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Justinian's Digest

Editorial Conventions

Theodora in Scotland

Eeach of the entries presented on these pages acknowledges the contributor. The editor has occasionally omitted contributions which duplicate an existing contribution or do not improve the published translation.

In editing the submitted translations the following conventions are observed:

— Words and phrases that do not appear in the original but are implied are enclosed in square brackets.

— The translator's parenthetical explanations are enclosed in square brackets.

— Round brackets are used to enclose only material that appears in the original text.

— Proper names and the titles of works are altered to suit convention.

— Citations to the Digest are altered to suit the conventions of the Mommsen-Krueger text.

Copyright to material that has appeared elsewhere is retained by the copyright holder. Copyright to the remainder of the material is retained by the editor. The editor also retains the copyright to the editing and layout of the final text.


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