Theodora in Scotland

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The Codex of Justinian

Corrections and Comments. Edited by Bruce W. Frier

Theodora in Scotland

This is the work of a remarkable American judge: great energy, a gift for translation, and deep learning in Roman law. Over several decades in the first half of the twentieth century, Fred H. Blume, Justice of the Wyoming Supreme Court, produced an annotated translation of the Codex of Justinian. It lay unavailable for many years, until Timothy Kearley of the University of Wyoming transcribed the work and published it on the internet. Bruce Frier of the University of Michigan then assembled a group of scholars to review the translation. With the addition of introductory essays and supplementary materials, Blume's work, together with the ancient texts, now appears in three volumes published by the Cambridge University Press.


From time to time readers offer corrections, or simply comments on points of translation. Those corrections and comments are published below. Submissions should ordinarily be directed to Prof Frier in the first instance.



The Codex of Justinian: A New Annotated Translation, with Parallel Latin and Greek Text. Translated by Fred H. Blume. Edited by Bruce W. Frier. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 2016. 3 volumes. ISBN: 9780521196826. Publisher's site.


Volume 1


Justice Fred H. Blume and the translation of Justinian's Codex Timothy Kearley

Revising Justice Blume's translation of Justinian's Codex Bruce W. Frier

The Codex of Justinian: the life of a text through fifteen hundred years Simon Corcoran

The Codex of Justinian: text and translation: the introductory constitutions John NoŽl Dillon and Bruce W. Frier

First book John NoŽl Dillon

Second book Bruce W. Frier

Third book Serena Connolly


Volume 2


Fourth book Dennis P. Kehoe

Fifth book Thomas A. J. McGinn

Sixth book Simon Corcoran, Michael Crawford, Benet Salway, Bruce W. Frier, Dennis P. Kehoe and Thomas A. J. McGinn

Seventh book Noel Lenski


Volume 3


Eighth book Bruce W. Frier

Ninth book Thomas A. J. McGinn

Tenth book Dennis P. Kehoe

Eleventh book Dennis P. Kehoe

Twelfth book Charles F. Pazdernik

Glossary of Roman law terms

Constitutions listed in chronological order

Corrections and Comments

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